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Uses of 3D scanning technology include

· Virtual fashion

· Made to measure clothing

· Sizing surveys

· Body shape analysis

· Health/medical and fitness

· 3D printing

· 3D product development

TC2-19T: The New Era of
MOBILE 3D Body Scanning is Here

The TC2-19T 3D body scanner is the best in class from the world’s first and largest 3D body
scanner manufacturer serving the fashion, medical, and fitness industries. The most advanced way to answer all body scan and body measurement needs.


· Scan in 5 minutes

· Data processing time: <15  miniutes (creation avatar, extraction measurements saving files)

· No-touch measurement or no-contact measurement

· 1000’s of different Measurements

· Best-in-class Accuracy

· Point to Point Measurement



· Tablet

· Superlight

· MEP configurator to define the desired set of extracted  measurements

· Batch process scans

· Avatar and virtual fashion interface (avatar creation)

· PC table included

· Scanner software license included

· If packaged with ImageTwin offers avatar creation, poses, animation,
size matching, virtual fitting, personalization, and styling advice

· Measurements can be exported through txt to excel and word.



· 5 minutes to capture a high accuracy scan

· Data processing time: <15 minutes (creation avatar, extraction measurements saving files)

· Full 360° body coverage

· Depth resolution of 1 mm based on 880mm cylinder test

· Data density of 75 points per cm²

· Compressed body model with full body fill size of only 380Kb

· Best-in-class body measurement extraction software allowing
1000’s of possible extracted measurements

· Scan volume:  Depth 80 cm x Width 103cm x Height 210cm
(Maximum subject body circumference = 75 inch standard;
larger circumference scanners are available)



· Sensors: Infrared depth

· Operation Power requirements: 100-240 V source supported

· CPU configuration: Intel 6 core i5, 4Gb RAM, 

· Supported formats: obj, txt, ord, rbd, pdf and bin

CAD fit avatars supported: Browzwear, Gerber, Human Solutions, Lectra, Optitex, Telestia, Tukacad

State of the art features

Sizestream, Telemat, Styku

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