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[TC]² was founded in 1979 by a joint grant between the North Carolina department of commerce and members of the industry representing the breadth of the U.S. supply chain with the idea of developing robotics driven sewn products manufacturing.

We soon discovered that at that point in time the robotics industry was not advanced enough to handle the complex operations required to manufacture most sewn products, however we did branch into other areas that have become game changers in the industry. We continue to push the limits today and research what we think will be some of the next big things in the industry. Today in [TC]²Labs we have in house development of the most existing scanner technology and virtual fashion what offers virtual 3D try-on of garments for retail. Plus we are exploring waterless dyeing and 3D printing for the apparel industry.

Who knows, robotics may be just around the corner now that 30 years has past.  We’ve always been a bit ahead of the curve in our vision, which is just part of what makes us a unique organization.

In 2015, [TC]² partnered [TC]² Labs LLC to continue his the Research and Development activities in the area body scanner, sizing, fit, virtual dressing and e-commerce.

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