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[TC]² determined that it was time for a national sizing research study of statistical significance to be conducted in the United States. The benefits from having this national sizing research data based on 3D body scan data are tremendous. The uses of the data have been wide ranging and have included the following industries:  apparel, furniture, body forms, health care, fitness, athletic training, ergonomics, hosiery, jewelry, automotive, and swimwear.  One of the first companies to integrate SizeUSA data into the design and fit of their product was Jockey International.  Jockey began its quest for the perfect fit by purchasing the SizeUSA data, compiled by [TC]² of over 10,800 subjects in the U.S.  Jockey staff worked with [TC]² researchers to analyze the data and understand the diversity of the human body.  Over one hundred data points of each male scan were used in the analysis as the scientific foundation for their product platforms; in particular, 3D Innovations.  Some of their key learnings included the fact that the human form is polymorphic and there are multiple sizes and body shapes for men that influence fit.  According to Brad Beal, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations for Jockey, “comfort helps Jockey distinguish its products, and SizeUSA has helped Jockey improve the fit and comfort of its garments.”  These improvements impacted sales and the bottom line.  Other brands and retailers are using the data for the following purposes:

Analyzing/Updating their sizing specifications for both existing products and new products, for both Men’s and Women’s
Re-defining target customer size profiles based on SizeUSA demographics
Developing market/target specific sizing profiles for specific products (age, ethnicity, plus size categories, income)
Selecting new fit models based on new understanding of the size of their target customers
Developing improved Made-to-Measure sizing systems
Analyzing shape categories to look at multiple-shape product lines for greater population coverage

In addition to the National Sizing surveys for the UK, the U.S., and Mexico, [TC]² has conducted proprietary sizing surveys for Land’s End and Victoria’s Secret which required scanning 1000’s of customers.  

Size USA

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Leading apparel brands with an interest in establishing accurate measurements for the current U.S. population sponsored SizeUSA. In the first and only U.S. apparel focused survey done in the last 40 years, subjects were scanned in 12 cities across the nation resulting in a database of over 10,000 scanned subjects. This data can be purchased along with the measurement extraction software and includes the following components:

  • Demographic information of each subject
  • Over 200 standard measurements
  • Ability to extract custom measurements 3D scan file of each subject
  • Ability to create 3D avatars

We offer consulting services to optimize fit and better determine target customer size and shape.  Using the SizeUSA data and our proprietary methodology, we can assist your brand in maximizing your fit across size ranges and product categories. If you are interested in doing research of your own, producing made-to-measure garments, or another scanning solution, please visit our body scanner page for more details.

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