Pattern Grading is often associated with complicated calculations and laborious work in order to scale a pattern into different sizes.

Telestia Creator Pattern Grading CAD software introduces a unique system of grading patterns, that has simplified this process for you in a miraculous way by removing all the hard work yet leaving you in control. You will be amazed how easily you will manage to grade patterns proportionally while keeping the shape, fit and balance of the original design.

This CAD software allows you to select your grading points on your block while it grades each one automatically giving you the option to use a variety of increments.

The system uses a variety of standardised grading rules but it also allows you to insert and use your own rules if you so wish. It also has tables that help in the style interpretation when you are struggling to decide how to grade difficult design details on a garment. 3D Grading is made easy, quick and accurate!

A plotter is not needed to print the final graded patterns. Life size printing is possible on any standard printer.

Forget the tedious technical functions included in most CAD systems, moving you away from pattern grading while struggling to learn complex systems.

This unique system combines a set of easy to learn CAD tools and functions, with sound pattern cutting and grading knowledge. You will be able to grade any blocks and styles, and create fully professional collections.

The software comes with built-in help guidelines and ready examples.

The Telestia Creator Pattern Grading CAD software is based on the Telestia pattern grading methodology that grades patterns accurately 3-dimensionally with perfect fit, tried over thousands of users worldwide for more than 30 years.

Telestia Creator Pattern Grading features:

  • A fully featured CAD program.
  • Build-in grade rules.
  • Accepts any variety of grade rules.
  • Grade tables for style interpretation.
  • Advanced tools to create and modify patterns.
  • Easy drafting using the AB Pattern Grading template.
  • Simplified tools and functions to draw, modify and adjust patterns.
  • Easy to use working area, with zoom, measuring and drafting tools.
  • Arrange and organise your patterns in layers.
  • Work on multiple designs simultaneously.
  • Create your own pattern library.
  • Import EPS files and many images (jpg, gif, png, bmp, pcx, and more).
  • Imports files from most competitor CAD software.
  • Print full-size patterns on any printer.
  • Scan ready patterns for adaptation.
  • Variable width seam allowance.
  • Build-in help and ready examples.
  • Multi-language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek.

This easy and affordable CAD system is ideal for pattern technologists, freelancers and clothing companies who would like to create their own apparel collections accurately in the most effortless way.

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The Best Benefits of the Pattern Grading CAD Software Offered by TC² LABS & TELESTIA:

  • Trust

    The features of the pattern grading CAD software are not just theoretical. It is not just great in words but practically also it offers all that it promises. And you also get the reliability that comes with TC².

  • Ease of Operations

    ​The main objective of ours at TC² is to offer you ultimate ease. Whether it is the ease of understanding, operating, installing, repairing, or even improving and enhancing, we make sure that you have no difficulty. When you choose Pattern Grading CAD Software Offered by TC² LABS & TELESTIA you choose the ease of growing manifold and creating a global mark for yourself.
  • Price Satisfaction

    Everything that you get comes at a price. But, when you choose our pattern grading software you get much more than you pay for. At TC², our aim is not to amass huge wealth for just ourselves. Our aim is to build a productive and fertile platform from using which each and everyone can grow and reach unprecedented heights. Our prices are reasonable and our services – exemplary!

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