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•        Calculate fabric consumption automatically
•        Calculate thread consumption automatically
•        Evaluate CM automatically
•        Determine packaging and shipping cost based on container size and destination
•        Evaluate extra-costs, commissions and hidden costs
•        Calculate accessory cost instantly
•        Calculate Testing and documentation cost
•        Produce costing and pre=production reports
•        Allow for several users to use the system without overlapping information

 Sample manager

•        Follow up with client's all the sample needs and keep a log of all comments and requirements
•        Follow up on all items that need approvals, like color swatches, fabrics, prints and accessories
•        Follow up on all required production samples required by the client for approval, from pre-production to production samples and pre-shipping

 Planning /critical path

•        Book lines according to production schedule
•        Set raw material, samples and approval delivery deadline
•        Set tasks and appoint to employee and follow up on progress and delays
•        Avoid production delays and reduce down-time
•        Learn of available production time
•        Provide charts for production line schedules


•        Shopping (Bill of materials) list will provide all the required materials
         (fabrics, accessory, sewing thread) that are needed to complete confirmed orders and are not available in the warehouse
​         and need to be purchased before starting date. (Integrated with planning)
•        Purchase orders for the missing items can be made on-line
•        Fabric warehouse which understands fabric specs
•        Each fabric type is identified by lot no.
•        Create labels for each roll of fabric identified by barcode
•        Keep strict control of each roll of fabric entering and leaving the warehouse
•        Deduct fabric from a single roll and update orders with no problems
•        Specialized thread warehouse to keep on top of all the needs
•        Accessory warehouse
•        Finished product warehouse
•        Client requirements request for costing of new orders and materials
•        Produce reports on fabrics and raw materials, such as yarns, that are used in more than one product to sum up purchasing, if desired.
•        Control dispensing all raw materials per order and not going over the specified amount.


•        Control cutting with high efficiency
•        Follow production through bundle tracking supported by barcode
•        Apply Total Quality Management (TQM)
•        Control cut materials
•        Follow order status in real time
•        Create production reports
•        Automatically create packing lists for shipping
•        Report on line efficiency 

Industrial engineering

•        Create time and motion study with great ease
•        Automatically arrange line of production to avoid bottle necks
•        Estimate daily production automatically
•        Rearrange machinery depending on availability or production demands
•        Link up to planning and costing.

 HR & Payroll

•        Keep records of all working staff Department, Specialization, Salary structure
•        Track workers production & efficiency
•        Compensate based on productivity
•        Record attendance / tardiness / Absence
•        Record Overtime and Vacation time
•        Create ID’s for all employees supported by barcode
•        Determine training needs and prioritize training courses
•        Access data base of all operator’s specialization and skill level
•        Payroll control based on performance and productivity
•        Production bonus based from Time & Motion study
•        Absenteeism, Overtime, Tardiness, Quality Bonus, Social Security, and taxes
•        Sales commissions where applicable and filtered by single or multiple clients

 Financial & Invoicing 

•        Automated invoicing supported by barcode
•        Payables & Receivables
•        Fixed and variable assets/Depreciation
•        Income statement
•        Balance sheet
•        General Ledger 

Management Information Systems
for Garment Factories

Resources are the life blood of any organization. And an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system ensures the blood flows in the right manner for perfect results.

Here are the top advantages of using an ERP system from TC²: 

  1. Focused IT Cost
  2. Improved Planning and Reporting
  3. Total Visibility
  4. Superior scalability
  5. Enhanced Supply Chain Management
  6. Facilitated Regulatory Compliance
  7. Data Security
  8. Standardized Business Processes

Get the best results with TC². Powering innovation, growth, and success in all spheres!


​[TC]2 : After decades of providing the industry with the best product development and
design solutions, we are now introducing myfactory-garments, the cutting edge technology
for lean manufacturing.

Myfactory-garments® is a web based ERP system designed especially for garment factories. Increase profit/decrease waste/ increase labor wages.
In the past managers depended on low labor cost to maximize profit. Today, the successful manager understands that good planning, detailed information and a well informed client are the only road to success and profitability in the garment business.


Applications & Specs

New Era of Applications

A cloud-based Software designed for apparel manufacturing.  It is made of several Applications that are integrated or can stand alone depending on client's needs.  It serves multiple users on the same account with restrictions, if required.  The system is accessible from anywhere with internet connection. 

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