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Benefits for Users:

  • Your body stylist at your fingertips
  • Perfect shape without any effort
  • Perfect fit
  • ​See the real amazing results
  • Fast
  • ​Easy to use



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New Era of SHAPEWEAR is Here

State of the art features

Thanks to our innovative Scan2Shapewear, the new Era of Shapewear is here. TC2 Labs created Scan2Shapewear as a way to provide people with quick, easy to get advice for their golden body shape. Plus see the effect of the shapewear on you in a before and after the scan.

Scan2shapewear is FREE for the end-user and is available for download on iOS and Android.

It enables the stylist to deliver perfect shapewear.

Our mission is to help all women to get a better shapely body. We know how minimal difference in design matters and we make no compromise in quality. We want you to feel comfy and be confident!
Here are a few quick facts that might help:
1. Scan2Shapewear is like having a personal stylist at your fingertips.
2. No more fitting session.
3. You will simply LOVE this and its FREE 
4. BE that stylish, better You! WEBSITE

SCAN2MTM“ The Full body styling solution"

· Personalized, Accurate Avatar

· Offering advice by giving your personal:
​  Golden Body Measurement Chart

· See the effect on your body. Compare "before" and "after" in 3D

- See the effect on your body with the use of graphics

- App works for iPhone, Android and through the internet


Your personal STYLIST at your finger tips.


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