For a Clothing Professional

to get  Excellence in Apparel Design  you need:


All Training Program Information 

B. Fashion Technical Specs  Design


Learn to Draw Technical Specs for any Design and any Body Shape.

Communicate your ideas clearly, accurately, easily for any design, or body shape.       

Learn Perfect Fit, Bespoke and MTM issues,

Understand and learn Sizing  in relation to Fit,

Learn to make  perfect Basic Blocks for Body Shape Variations

 All these in a special professional short course.           

 Learn how to check and correct the interpretation of your patterns and styles quickly, easily and accurately to help you reevaluate your approach.    


  • 16 weeks online access for personal study
  • 4 class onsite meetings (Cary NC USA).


4 class meetings -in max 2 weeks time Saturday and Sunday-,  the rest online


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Apex ,NC 27539


The course includes:

  • Student Online Access 16 weeks,
  • 3 important subjects ( Pattern Technology, Technical design, CAD Application)
  • 4 Class Meeting, (4 for introduction and  hands-on working )
  • 16 Weeks online work and assessment

Includes  in addition to class lessons

  • AB Drafting templates  for pattern and design,
  • Complementary aid provides access to online training material below, to work and study for  16 weeks, with tutor support, and student’s work process assessment.
  •  Access is to the Pattern Making for Perfect Fit & Style, interactive Telestia course
  • Access to the Technical Design  interactive  Telestia course
  • Access to the Telestia Creator CAD software for the duration of the course.


The total cost is $2,500

Lunch on Saturday and Sunday is included

(No hotel stay is included)

Perfect Fit & Style with Creative Technology 

Skills for Perfect Fit to empower yourself and the industry in the creative route.

 A. Pattern Making Womenswear

C. Fit Trial Sample

To get Excellence in Apparel Design  

 Learn how to apply the above in a short time digitally.

  • CAD Pattern Cutting Software  - (functions include: construct patterns, adaptations, and style manipulation, adding seam allowance, save, print etc.)
  • CAD Fashion Design Software - (functions include: free and guide coloring, color, technical drawing, virtual moulage-fitting etc.)
  • CAD Pattern Cutting Extras - Library of automatic pattern blocks (womenswear, menswear, childrenswear)
  • CAD Fashion Design Extras - Library of ready style details for Fashion Design

D. Telestia TCreator CAD and EXTRAS

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