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More than 200+ universities and research facilities work with our 3D body scanners.


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The only U.S. apparel focused survey. Improve your knowledge or fitting,


Your personal trainer at your finger tips. See the real progress by using your scanned measurements!

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[Tc]²labs 3d Body Scanner

3D Body Measurement

3D Body Scan & Analysis


More than 50+ Hospitals, Weight Loss and fitness companies use our 3D body technology.

ImageTwin Mirror

It catches the eyes of consumers, making brands and products stand out from the competition.

3D Printing

More than 500+ companies use our 3D body scanners for 3D printing.


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We train your people to be the best Trainers in the world.


Technology Enhanced 3D Body Scanning

TC2 has been a market leader in 3D body scanning technologies, and its implications in the form of scanners. And we aim to maintain our position as market leaders with our no touch and no contact body scanning technology. With minimum interaction and no touch or contact, our body measurement scanners are able to effortlessly deliver precise results. With TC2, safety and satisfaction are guaranteed.


More than 800+ Brands/retails use our technology for retail automatization or for design & fit improvement.

With the advancement in 3D scanning technology, it is a prerequisite in fashion as well as in the apparel industry. Our 3D scanners work on laser technology to offer precise measurements of the human body. Along with the accurate measurement, scanning and visualization, our devices allow a perfect shape analysis. Our major devices comprised of ImageTwin, 3D body visualizer, ImageTwin mirror, FinelyFit along with TC2-19M 3D body scanner. See the difference with our perfectly designed devices. We also provide installation, maintenance, training and sizing information for their innovative 3D.



TC2-19M 3D Body Scanner

The New Era of 3D Body Scanning is Here

More than 6 applications live on website and in apple store or google live.


More than 100 companies we helped with advice.

3D body measurement has brought about a revolution in not one but many segments of the market. It has made the work easier for service providers and results more reliable and accurate for the customers. The 3D body measurement technology which is the driving force behind the 3D body scanned by TC2 is the most refined and advanced among the technologies that are available in the market today. We take immense pride in being able to offer shape analysis, 3D body measurement, and 3D body scanning technology to wide plethora of sales based markets and industries.

World Leading NO CONTACT Measurement and 3D Visualiza​tion


Our Virtual Fashion solution

Shopping is fun again.

Cutters and Spreaders

Production automation

[TC]²Labs 3d body scanner

MTM / Bespoke Solutions

The Full MTM Solution

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Management Information Systems for Garment Factories


See the Difference with Our Technology Enhanced 3D Body Scanning

[TC]² is the world’s first and the largest 3D body manufacturer (No Touch Measurement) serving the Fashion, Fitness, and Medical Industries. TC2 has an install base of more than 1000 scanners. We bring full solutions to our customers. We are formed to offer 3D body scanners, Consultancy, Training, Installation services, Maintenance & support, Sizing information, specialized software to our targeted vertical markets. Our software enables 3D body analysis, scanning, measurement & visualization and is one of the best from several 3D technologies available today. Examples of our solutions are Automated pattern creation for MTM / bespoke market, Follow-up of shape progress during training for the weight-loss market. Size matching and virtual fitting for the fashion retail market.


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