4 Day Course

Non-Member: $6,295
Member: $ 5,895  (inclusive software and lunch)


3 modules (Pattern Making, Fashion Design, Pattern Grading)  $ 3,595


Part 1. Introduction to CAD 

Getting Started with workspace and software tools

Lines & curves
Demo: Creation of Basic Fitted Block
Homework: Basic Fitted Blocks for several cases


Part 2. Block Creation tools

Automatic block generation
Style manipulation
Demo: Block manipulation for new style
Homework:  Create a blouse and dress style.

Part 3. Creating parts and Finishing

Creating new shapes
Adding Seam Allowances
Creating Patterns
Demo: Preparing a pattern for production
Homework: Create Style with all associated pieces, print, cut, and sew complete garment for fit testing

Part 4. Finalizing varied fit with Grading and Scan Data

Evaluation of Garment fit

Using Scan Data to customize fit

Seminar Highlights:

Learn to work in a Cad system
Improve your understanding to adapt a Basic Block in order to create a Styled Pattern,

Style creation and bespoke garment making.
Receive an overview of the various technologies utilized in the apparel industry
Increase your awareness of the key apparel terms and concepts
Understand the various apparel manufacturing systems and business strategies

Topics Include:

Pattern and Block Development

Body Measurements,

Flat Pattern Making


Style creation

Sample making

Who Should Attend?

Attendees should understand pattern making, apparel terminology and
basic CAD functions. Program is designed for Pattern makers, Marker Makers, Specification and Costing Engineers, and Graders.

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