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New Feature of TC2-19: Measurement from a manually selected Point A to B

The TC2-19 3D body scanner is already the best in class from the world’s first and largest 3D body
scanner manufacturer serving the fashion, medical, and fitness industries.

The most advanced way to answer all body scan and body measurement needs.

Already existing State of the art features

· Scan in 2 seconds
· 1000’s of different Measurements
· Best-in-class Accuracy

New: Unlimited measurements

Now you are able to get even more valuable information from the scanned person. You can manually select any Point A and a Point B and get the distance between both points. You can get this distance in the unit you want, inch, cm,  or mm.

The use of Point To Point Measurement technology in devices like full body 3D scanner has made it possible to make measurements as precise as possible. If you are looking for precision in your work, you need to make sure you start with precise measurements and the Point To Point Measurement technology of the Full Body 3D scanner by TC2 is what gives you the liberty and base to offer results that will please your customer base.

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3D Body Scanning Technology

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In the world that we live in today, precision is the key to maintaining your position in the market. But the market is rife with competition and there is hardly a sector that is untouched by technology. The masterstroke technology that can take players from fashion, medical, and fitness industries to the zenith is the Point To Point Measurement technology.