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Computer-Aided Design software systems or CAD systems offer a lot of advantages. And with TC², you get the added advantage of trust, reliability, and constant support.

Here are the top advantages of using the TC² Computer-Aided Design software:

  • Increases Productivity: Just like any other machine, Computer-Aided design software are build to increase productivity manifold.
  • Higher Quality Designs: With CAD systems you will never have to compromise on quality standards.
  • Reuse and Easily Change Designs: CAD gives you the ease of reusing and changing designs. It reduced the time and efforts involved in redesigning. 
  • Easier to Read: It is much more easier to read and understand the drafting done using Computer-Aided Design software.
  • Simplified Sharing: Collaboration always brings new ideas and fresh concepts to the table. CAD simplifies design sharing and thus, collaboration, feedback, and comments become easy.
  • Drawing to Scale: Precision is the main advantage of CAD. The designs are drawn to scale and with the utmost attention to detail

[TC]² can work with all the latest computer-aided design software to help in pattern making, pattern design, grading and drafting. CAD programs that we support are highly innovative & easy-to-use and makes pattern designing easier and efficient for you. Below are the CAD programs that we support.

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