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State of the art features

Benefits for Retailers and Brands:

· Make your sales process proactive and reduce dead stock.

· Increase sales potential, using existing store space and backroom stock,

· Facilitate impulse buying.

· Lower customer frustration and grow sales.

· Activate the power of e-commerce and social media.

· Reduce returns due to poor fit.

· Provide valuable styling advice in minutes.

· Create more foot traffic by informing customers online to attract them in store.

· Make customers’ choices easier and save them time.

· Decrease theft and damaged stock.

· Improve the overall shopping experience for the customer.


Easy to Use:

· 1  second to capture a high accuracy scan

· 17 seconds to process the scan data

· 5 minutes to create a custom profile

· Export in .obj, .jpg, and .pdf.



· Avatar creation based on 3D body scan and customer face photos
(Creation of clean filled .obj, in original pose or others)

· Virtual fitting in 3D, online anytime and anywhere.

· Save your favorite outfits with your profile.

· Take snapshots of your “virtual me” in different outfits and compare.

· Share these snapshots with your online community.

· Size matching based on brand’s own specifications

· Select different poses and animations of your “virtual me”.

· Silhouette advice (in full color printable ‘magazines’)

· Find out whether you are an 8, X, H, O, Y, or A type.

· Color Advice (in full color printable ‘magazines’)

· Identify the most flattering palette: Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer. 

· Style advice (in full color printable ‘magazines’)

· Based on your preferences, are you a Romantic, Elegant, Extravagant, or Sportive type?

· Filter the offering of a brand/retailer based on your personal styling advice.

· Order the perfect outfit.

· Link to social media and the internet:

· Share with Facebook

· WeChat & QQ

· Email

· Use anywhere and anytime (in store/internet/Android).

· Personalized, Accurate Avatar

· 3D Virtual Try-on and Fitting

· Size Prediction

· Custom Styling Advice (Color, Silhouette, Style)

· Integrates with Made to Measure


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With ImageTwin, finding clothes that fit and flatter you is easier and faster than ever before.  Create your personal avatar and try-on clothes virtually, in 3D. Our integrated Style engine recommends items that will suit your body and style. Physically try on only what you like, in the predicted size and silhouette. No more frustration trying on ten garments just to find one that works. The clothes fit—the first time.

New Era of Shopping is Here

Imagetwin “ The Full Retail Solution"