PAttern making & Cad system


4 Day Course

Non-Member: $2,555 (with material, and lunch):
Member:          $2,215 (with material, and lunch):


Book and Template)                                                                                 $      85
Telestia FD Trainer Soft                                       (only Technical drawing $540)              


​Part 1.  Adapting Blocks  

Learn how to adapt a Basic Block in order to create a Styled Pattern:  maintaining the following factors, that contribute to excellence when controlling quality.

perfect fit,
perfect style interpretation in relation to accurate technical drawing specs,
preparation of pattern pieces for garment assembly.

b.  Learn how to transfer darts in relation to style, A13 (110/131)

c. Basic style features (collars, lapel & collar, wrap & facing options) A53-A58

d. examples of standard styles (shirt, jacket ,dress) B05, B39, B46


Part 2.  Product Preparation for Sampling  

a.  Preparation for production (pattern pieces separation, seam allowance)

b. Flat Pattern Assembly: Making up

    Assemble at least one style following demonstrated processes included, and evaluate points of quality control (A34, A32)

Seminar Highlights:

Learn textile fundamentals to help build a foundation for successful pattern making
Improve your understanding to adapt a Basic Block in order to create a Styled Pattern,

Style creation and Samle making.
Receive an overview of the various technologies utilized in the apparel industry
Increase your awareness of the key apparel terms and concepts
Understand the various apparel manufacturing systems and business strategies

Topics Include:

Pattern and Block Development

Body Measurements,

Flat Pattern Making


Style creation

Sample making

Who Should Attend?

Attendees should understand pattern making, apparel terminology and
basic CAD functions. Program is designed for Pattern makers, Marker Makers, Specification and Costing Engineers, and Graders.

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