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"TC2 Labs HAS the Easiest to use
Measure extraction in the market

"Having used Tc2 scanners for the past 8 years, I have found their analysis software to be at the cutting edge of what practitioners require in terms of defining measurements and ease of operation. The clear visual interface, scan views and ability to adjust virtual landmarks enable accurate and detailed analysis of individual and populations"

Dr Simeon Gill | Lecturer in Fashion Technology Management | School of Materials

"A global leading company, [TC]2 LABS produces amazing products."

"TC2-19, their latest 3D body scanner is not only the fastest one in the world, but also accurate and user friendly." 

"NC State University is home to 34000 students, 2000 faculty and a host of powerful partnerships. We think and do. "

Dr Helmut Hergeth  | Associate Professor | College of Textiles | NC State University
Taehoon Kim             | Doctoral Student      | College of Textiles | NC State University

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"[TC]2  labs Revolutionized the body measuring process."

"TC2 Has assisted us at Finocustom in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction."

"Finocustom is specialist in Made to Measure suites and shirts for men. Having used Tc2 scanner last year, I have found the TC2 Team is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with "

Moe Azer | CEO | Finocustom

"We scan 3800 recruits every year. We selected TC2 scanners because the are the fastest" 

William Gerry  | Contracting Officer  | US Coast Guard

"I can honestly say TCREATOR has revolutionized the way I work. With a few key (but accurate) body measurements, I can create a perfectly fitting block for any shape and size.

I have absolute confidence that I can produce a block or a pattern with a specific set of measurements first time, without fail. " 

"TCreator tools allow me to produce accurate, well fitting dresses, whatever the body shape or size.  You can view a sample of my creations using the Telestia methodology here "

Nicola Ridd-Davies  | Designer Dressmaker

"thank you for hosting/teaching the
'Grading for Fit' course.  I think we all took away  useful information that will help us on the job.

Thank you for the tour of [TC]2 LAbs

it's pretty cool what your machines can do!
..and for the delicious buffet lunches, yum" 

Julie Kontos  | Research & Development Team  | Navy Clothing & Textile Research Facility