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Fundamental CHANGE

the New Era of MTM of Bespoke to the made to measure industry.  Bespoke has become an exhausted term in the suit industry, and it loses meaning each and every time a made-to-measure (INDUSTRY) suit company uses it incorrectly. It rivals the over-baked term, “haute couture.”

OLD ERA OF MTM:  Consider the individual patterns for a size 42 jacket .. An MTM company takes these patterns and modifies them if your measurements are outside the range of what the 42 jacket was built to. E.g. The master tailor / house cutter will modify standardized patterns to take your body measurements into account, like arm length, jacket length and shoulder width. Note that not all MTM companies do the same amount of modification – some have different thresholds for when to actually make adjustments to the original pattern, some skip important things like shoulder-padding, or armhole size. A good rough gauge is to see how many measurements they take. Some MTM outfits only run with 5-7 … not a good sign. (Note that the accessibility of Computer-Aided-Design, CAD, has made it easier for MTM companies to close the gap between Bespoke on this point

OUR NEW ERA OF MTM or BESPOKE: A new pattern is created for each individual wearer. No modification or use of base patterns, as that could lead the tailor to miss some of the small nuances of the wearer’s body. More than just measurements are needed to achieve this (what is the slope of the shoulder, the arch of the back, etc.)

THE FLOW IN THE NEW ERA OF MTM of BESPOKE: No endless fittings anymore during the creation process. An initial 3d Body Scan is made to take measurements and the whole process is automated. Thanks to our high accuracy in the measurement accuracy and easy to capture the preferences of the customer, there will no alterations needed during the production process. The perfect suit on last fitting at the end.
Your personal TAILOR at your finger tips.

configure YOUR OWN SUIT!

All body measurement come from the TC2 Body scanners
SCAN2MTM“ The Full MTM Solution"

· Get the Personalized, Accurate Avatar thanks to the TC2 body scanners
· 3D Virtual Try-on and Fitting
· Fully customized suit
- Easy configurator
- Fully automated from customer to cutting table thanks to our CAD pattern solutions
- App works for iPhone, Android and though the internet

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