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Apparel Design Engineering

Scanning and the University of Manchester

The University of Manchester’s Apparel Design and Engineering Schools are working together on redefining the way that we understand the human body and construct the clothes we wear every day, creating more comfortable, better fitting clothes. At the heart of their work is body scanning technology, allowing the capture of body measurements in ways that have not been done before.


Within the clothing industry, so many measurements, the way they are taken, and how they translate into a pattern are taken for granted to be correct. However, when you look at the measurement definitions and how they are implemented in practice, there is little surprise that when we go shopping it is hard to find garments to fit our bodies well. Already the team worked together with TC2 Labs and has used their TC2 3D body scanner to help in redefining how we measure the human waist location [1], hip circumference measurement [2], and developing an open source shared protocol for scanning that shall help researchers and industry collaborate more effectively [3]. Future work will focus on the posture of the participant being scanned, and how to best convey the detailed information of body scanning to the public (due out soon); two crucial areas of research to help body scanning reach it’s full potential. 


Author: Christopher J. Parker


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