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Everyone makes business decisions.
Everyone impacts business results.

Business-savvy employees take ownership of their results, are more productive, and
are more satisfied with their jobs.

Here’s how Income/Outcome improves results:
Salespeople become trusted partners because they craft win-win deals that align
with their customers buying priorities and metrics.
And because they can talk ‘finance’ with the C-level, they are able to structure bigger
and more profitable deals.
R&D professionals gain an insight into the finance
department’s concerns with time. They write more thoughtful proposals,

which tie up less capital or pay for themselves more rapidly.
Production supervisors learn to visualize the tradeoffs in their daily production scheduling decisions,

and to understand the impact of their inventory and production decisions on the rest of the company. This allows them to control costs and inventories more closely.
Finance personnel increase their ability to behave proactively. They experience the difficulties inherent in making operational commitments before the outcome of their market strategy is known. They also experience the ‘do or die’ of the market, and learn the value of rapid, tactical response.
Managers become better managers. Because they have a big picture understanding, and see the interconnected relationships and impacts, they make better plans, and because they have acquired the language of the finance department, they write better reports.

3 Day Course (min group size is 6- maximum 40)

Non-Member: $1,695 per person.
Member: $ 1,500 per person.

Income|Outcome is…

a board game where learners become high-powered executives, teams become corporate giants and the classroom becomes a cut-throat industry.

“I feel that I saw sides of my colleagues that were rude, tyrannical & callous.”
“This isn’t a game my friend, this is business.”
“One small misstep can lead to a big issue.”
“The simulations and rules were very realistic and consistent with business issues we face every day but don’t always know how to put in context.”

We are committed to making sure our simulations accurately reflect the challenges of your situation and industry.
Over 100 variants of Income/Outcome already exist; one of them may work for you. Advanced customization is
available including company-specific language and modeling unique business drivers.
The costs associated with customization are:
• Creation of your Visual Finance™ view and competitive analysis: Free
• Visual Finance™ updates: Free
• Incorporation of company-specific exercises: Free
• Game boards with client terminology and logo: $800 per six boards
• Custom simulation dynamics: $8,000-$40,000
• Continuing education units (CEUs) from NC State University: Domestic/International $35/$45 per applicant

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1/2 Day Course (min group size is 8)

Non-Member: $ 400 per person
Member: $ 350 person

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