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3D Body Scanning

[TC]² is the world leader in 3D body scanning hardware and software with over 150 scanners installed worldwide. [TC]² provides 3D body scanning solutions in apparel, virtual fashion, health/fitness, medical, gaming, and online virtual worlds applications.
[TC]²’s scanning technology scans the whole body in seconds and rapidly produces a true-to-scale 3D body model.  The included automatic body measurement software can extract over 400 unique measurements many of which can be user customized.  The 3D scanner is world leading in terms of price, small size (3.75 x 5.5 feet), ease of use, subject privacy and safety.

High-fidelity, accurate, realistic avatars can be created from body scan data, or through the use of [TC]²’s avatar engine with the input of a few basic measurements.  The measurement extraction software package features capabilities for Virtual Fashion visualization with links to 3D garment content from major industry CAD packages.

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